Prime Bomb


  • (1/13/2010) I wanted to share with you that I visited a math lab yesterday in an elementary school. As soon as I walked in the teacher said, "You have to see this! This is so cool! Have you ever seen these cards?" and I as I looked at the first table of students they were learning through the pyramath cards!
  • (6/5/2009) I discovered the Pyramath game at the NCTM Conference in Washington D.C. at the end of April and said that I would write with how my 9th grade students liked the game. All I can say is that Pyramath is fabulous. My students absolutely love the game. They are allowed to play after they have all of their work turned in and they get very competitive with it. It's a great review of basic math facts for them and I do not let them use calculators during the game (which they are allowed to use all the time in class). I can see a difference in their skills after playing only a few games. I even had one student come during another block and ask if she could take them so she could play in her study hall! I'm looking forward to next year when I can use that as an incentive from the beginning of the year on.
    ~Katie [9th Grade Teacher]
  • (4/28/2009) The real cards work great! Got them from you at NCTM last week. I actually won a set for "beating you"! I now understand why the kids get so excited about beating "me" in my classroom!!! Used them with first, third, fourth and fifth grades today! I was wondering if they would work with "just" addition and subtraction for first grade........worked great! Thanks...we're having a lot of fun with them. Looking forward to the Fraction game. Working on a "mat" to help the "little" kids with placement of the cards...if i ever get it done, i'll send you a copy.
  • (5/15/2009) I purchased Pyramath at the NCTM conference in DC last month. I introduced the game to my students and they are ABSOLUTELY CRAZY for this game!!!!
  • I teach remedial math, which allows me to work in smaller groups with 4th and 5th graders. Usually this time of the year, it is a challenge to keep them motivated. I have students arriving early to my room begging to play this game. It is incredible!!! Some even want to come during their lunch time; giving up their recess - which is unheard of!!!
  • Thanks again for such a fun way to use math!


2011 Best Math Game! PyraMath™ is a comprehensive interactive arithmetic lesson that gives your child unlimited practice at their individual level.

Each brightly colored card displays four basic mathematical symbols on the back, and the number along with English, Spanish, Chinese, Roman, French and Arabic translations and symbols on the front. Players quickly identify the numbers on their cards and add, subtract, multiply and divide to finish their pyramid first ! Whoever is the first to finish their pyramid by using their mathematical knowledge wins !


FracTazmic is a comprehensive interactive fun lesson in fractions that gives your child unlimited practice at their individual level.

Each brightly colored card displays fractions, along with eye catching graphics, to ensure reinforcement. Players will quickly identify the fractions on their cards and calculate their way to fun and learning! Fractazmic teaches fractions, numbers and measurement.

Prime Bomb

Prime Bomb reinforces basic mathematics of primes, multiplication, and factoring.

You can play the basic primes game or many other games with the rules all available at One thing for sure - you will be reinforcing basic math skills that will ensure the success of your child.

I See Cards

I See Cards fosters language development, object recognition, word recognition and basic addition.

Each brightly colored card displays an object, the name of the object in English and Spanish, and a number of points. Players identify the objects and accumulate points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins! Visit